2018 Chevy Monte Carlo Price, Release Date, SS

The 2018 Chevy Monte Carlo available in coupe, sports, and SS trim, this new vehicle is set to win hearts with its sports inspired looks and an overall improved performance. An AWD version of the Monte Carlo is also expected.

Debuting very recently at the Daytona Speedway auto event, this Camaro inspired vehicle has already made a name for itself in US market. Typically termed as the American counterpart of Honda SSV, it’s built on the same platform as the Camaro. The new 2018 Chevy Monte Carlo is an RWD vehicle which is probably the first of its kind in 17 years. This sporty vehicle is supposedly set for a 2017 release.

2018 Chevy Monte Carlo front

2018 Chevy Monte Carlo – Under the Hood

Sports and Coupe version of this vehicle are supposed to get a 3.6-liter V6 engine. Although an exact specification of the amount of hp turnout is unknown, Chevy thrives on keeping customers glued to this piece. A turbo version of this vehicle can also be expected.

Monte Carlo SS version had been dropped from the list of the trims for quite some time. However, 2018 might see the reemergence of SS with a larger 6.4-liter V8 aimed to make more than 370 hp. Termed as dirty, the V8 makes a lot of noise thanks to the huge power it gets.

The engines mentioned are to be coupled with 6-speed auto program transmission. However, the new Chevy Monte Carlo 2018 could also include 8-speed auto transmissions. This will help obtain better handling already managed by the sportier suspension capabilities.

2018 Chevy Monte Carlo – Design

Carefully engineered to perfection, this new Chevy Monte Carlo 2018 will display outstanding appearance. Car lovers prefer to see Chevy retaining the basic appearance and Chevy might cater to that. Cutting edge technology makes it resemble Camaro from every aspect.

However, this 2 door vehicle come installed with choices for new tints that might attract more customers. With an aim to capture a luxury segment of 2 door sedans, Chevy makes the vehicle curvier in appearance. That serves the purpose of making this vehicle more streamlined and helps reduce drag.

Plastic type hues available for the new 2018 Chevy Monte Carlo might give it a more refined look, according to Chevy. Other than these, this new car might not expect new changes at least for the 2018 release.


To compensate for an excellent appearance from outside, new Monte Carlo also offers a perfect sport inspired cockpit. There is enough room for 2 people. Leather seats agree to offer much comfort while blue tints are a sheer mark of excellence.

This feature rich 2018 Chevy Monte Carlo adds adaptive cruise control and collision alert, apart from detection of a blind spot. It uses a specially designed rear camera to achieve this. To this is added advanced voice navigation and heated seats and steering.

Electrically controllable windows and can data collector are absolute hits. To this, the new infotainment facility adds wireless Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free communication.

2018 Chevy Monte Carlo interior

2018 Chevy Monte Carlo – Price and Release Date

Chevy refuses to leak the pricing details for the latest 2018 Chevy Monte Carlo set for a 2017 release. However, sources estimate this new vehicle to sit comfortably somewhere near to where the current version costs.


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