2018 GMC Sierra Release Date, Price

Recently there is a rumor that regarding the new launch of 2018 GMC Sierra in coming days. This car from of trucks is known as one of the best compact pickups available in the car market. The outgoing model available for quite a long time and it got redesign back in 2011.

So, the upcoming GMC Sierra 2018 is ought to get a whole new redesign to match present standards. Let’s know what sort of upliftment and tuning is going to take place in the latest model.

2018 GMC Sierra front

Enhancement in Powertrains of 2018 GMC Sierra

Analysts of the car market are speculating that Cadillac may not stop using engine lineup of outgoing model in the GMC Sierra 2018. In addition to this, the upcoming model may see one new engine under its hood.

  • It is predicted that the producer may use 6.2-litre ECOTEC3 V8 turbo engine that produces 420 hp along with 450 lb-ft torque. This high amount of hp and torque will certainly help this car to become a full-fledged pickup truck.
  • Moreover, it is also speculated that this car will have a 5.3-litre engine that can churn out 355 hp with 383 lb-ft of torque @6500 rpm.
  • The third speculation is that a 2.0-litre turbocharged V4 engine will be there to power the base trims. This will produce almost 256 hp.

8 speed automatic gearboxes are likely to be offered in 2018 GMC Sierra. This car will be available in both RWD and AWD option. Thus irrespective of terrain it can go anywhere. In addition, a 5.3-litre engine of this car can provide 16 mpg in city and 23 mpg in highways. Figures of fuel economy change slightly. It will become 14 mpg in city and 20 mpg in highways.

2018 GMC Sierra rear

2018 GMC Sierra – Interior and Exterior Details

2018 GMC Sierra is going to be the roughest pickup from this car manufacturer. Highest comfort is guaranteed, when it comes to the ride quality of this vehicle. Though it’s a mid-duty truck, the automaker has made both the exterior and interior of this car world-class. Exterior features of this car are as follows.

  • Molding of Chrome belts along with angular wheel accent molding is predicted to be there in the upcoming car to give it explicit look.
  • Colors like stone blue, cardinal red and many more color options is expected to be available with this car.
  • Almost every vehicle in the pickup truck segment fails to compete with the GMC Sierra 2018 when it comes to lighting. High quality LED lighting all over the body can be seen to give the car an outstanding look.
  • Intellibeam technology will be incorporated that will control the light beam automatically.

Now, when it comes to interior features, then these are some remarkable up-gradation

  • Seats will be able to heat them depending upon the climate condition automatically.
  • Triple door seals along with valved exhaust are to be adapted in the 2018 GMC Sierra to stop outside noise.
  • Contrast stitching with premium leather sits is all set to lure lots of customers.

2018 GMC Sierra interior

Inception and Tests

According to GM officials, 2018 GMC Sierra will reach the showrooms sometime after April 2018. Till then, the automakers will continue to test its GMC Sierra and improve on any existent fallacies. This pickup is about to come out just 10 months later after the initial drawing phase, which clearly indicates that GMC is not looking to delay it any further. Finally, a competition for Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 is right around the corner.

2018 GMC Sierra – Release Date and Price

With these lots of tweaking and tuning the car is estimated to be available in the world market somewhere in between $55,000 and $65,000. So it is highly affordable. If you want class, elegance coupled with the latest technology like ABS, EBS, cruise control and several other safety measures, then go for 2018 GMC Sierra. Be it a short trip or a long one; these affordable cars will certainly make your journey a remarkable experience.

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