2018 Honda Crosstour Price, Release Date

The 2018 Honda Crosstour would most likely be premiered at the later months of the year 2017. As an automobile enthusiast, there is simply no way you would not have come across vehicles from the large Japanese automobile company. Honda released and sold the first model of the Crosstour SUV in the year 2009. The first sale was the 2010 model year, subsequently, other model years were released up until the 2016 model year where the sale of the Crosstour was discontinued due to slow sales. The Crosstour is not the only SUV in the Honda’s portfolio for vehicles, there is also the Honda Element whose sales was also discontinued after the release of the 2011 model year of the Honda Crosstour. Hence, when it comes to the manufacturing of SUVs Honda has a lot of experience and have also gained skills from those experiences.

2018 Honda Crosstour front

2018 Honda Crosstour – Under the Hood

The typical engine specs of the Honda model version over the years from the 2010 model year version to the 2015 model year version are:

2.4-liter, 3.0 liter J30A5 V6, 3.5 liter J35ZV6 in model versions of the model year 2010-2012, 3.5-liter J35YV6 that came in the model versions of the year 2013 through 2015.

The typical transmission specs in the Honda Crosstour model versions over the years from the 2010 model year version to the 2015 model year version are:

A 5-speed automatic 4 cylinder V6 which was equipped in the model year 2010-2012 versions. And the 6 speed automatic V6transmission of the 2013 to 2016 model year versions.

As you can see Honda is going “all in” on this new model version. But that’s not even the best part of this review. Looking into what is beneath the bonnet, speculations have it that the SUV would come equipped with a 4 cylinder unit that would give a total output force of 180 hp. With an automatic transmission coming equipped with 5 to 6 gears you can be sure of a smooth fast ride. The standard offer would be a simple front wheel drive but for the customers that want full control, there will be an option for AWD available.

2018 Honda Crosstour rear

2018 Honda Crosstour – Feature

Speculations have it that the 2018 Honda Crosstour would have a lot of smart features including voice recognition, smartphone connectivity, a new audio system added to the full leather cabin, dual zone air conditioning system and many other unreleased features would be equipped into this beauty. It would also come with a rare view camera system parking. The new embedded AI systems would assist the driver in driving safely such as assist systems that detect lane departure, proximity sensors and navigation are features you can expect to find in the new model.

2018 Honda Crosstour interior

2018 Honda Crosstour – Release Date and Price

Here’s the best part of the story, all these features and more can be gotten at an affordable price just below $30,000. Now, this is a vehicle you should look forward to this year as Honda is looking to impress heavily in the marker. This vehicle would be every automobile enthusiast dream.

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