2018 Lexus CT 200h Changes, Hybrid

The Lexus CT 200h has been updated since its release in 2010 and the 2018 Lexus CT 200h has perhaps minor upgrades but they were much-needed ones.

2018 Lexus CT 200h front

2018 Lexus CT 200h – What The Exterior Changes Offer

If you’re an active person, this 5-door car is best suited for your lifestyle and the changes it brings will impress you. The 2018 model is much more modern than the one that announced back in 2010. The front of the car introduces a spindle grille which makes it look much more sophisticated compared to the previous version. The 2018 model also has redesigned headlights and taillights which gives it a much sleeker look and makes using the vehicle on the road that much easier. The taillights are a newer, wider version which helps gives the car a much sportier look. The taillights also have been changed to LED configuration which helps make the car much more visible from behind. The wheels of the car have also been changed to a newer feature which adds even more to the sporty look of this vehicle.

2018 Lexus CT 200h rear

Here Are The Updates Of The Interior

The most noticeable change of the new CT 200h is the larger 10.3-in. wide display screen which is an upgrade from the previous 7-in. monitor. The interior of this vehicle is much sleeker than it was before and it offers quite a bit of class and sophistication with its leather seating. The inside array also offers a large of available interior color palettes which also includes a mix of fabrics and leathers which ensure its durability. The interior is not as roomy as you may like from the vehicle, it offers an high-end interior that will definitely please you. The interior also includes quite a number of eco-friendly products such as the bamboo speaker frames.

2018 Lexus CT 200h interior

2018 Lexus CT 200h – What Are The Specs?

You’re probably wondering what the 2018 Lexus CT 200h offers in terms of specs and what it offers is something you’ll love. This model will have the gas-electric system under the hood along with 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder which makes it a 98 horsepower powered with an 80-hp electric-drive motor. With the system combined together, it is rated at 134 hp and 105 pound-feet of torque. Even with all that it offers, it’s still one of the most affordable of its kind on the market. It takes about 10 seconds to go from standstill to 60 mph and while some may not be impressed with that, what it offers in other areas makes up for it.

2018 Lexus CT 200h – Release Date

As you can see, the 2018 Lexus CT 200h will be one of the better hybrid hatches on the market. Besides beautiful updates to its interior and exterior, it also offers quite a bit with its performance. If you’re unsure about this vehicle, do a bit more research to learn what else it may have to offer you.

The new updated version of this name is miles above the model that was introduced back in 2010. While subtle, these changes have made an impact that is quite noticeable when you take a closer look.

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