2018 Jeep Commander Release Date, Price

This full-size SUV is way more impressive than any model before. You will relish the experience of driving the 2018 Jeep Commander.

2018 Jeep Commander front

2018 Jeep Commander – Design


The new Jeep Commander has managed to join the new with the ordinary. Within the years, the designers made sure to combine natural and traditional designs which fit in together.

They are keeping within customary, yet they are making it as affluent and inventive as could plausibly be expected. Some traditional features that remain are the flat surfaces, trapezoidal wheel openings, a seven-slot grill and the famous round headlamps.

What has been included in the Jeep Commander is the new roof rack rail. They might have stuck to its traditional style, but they have surely made it opulent and inventive.

Indeed, the 2018 Jeep Commander has a refreshing exterior design that makes it truly phenomenal.


The Interior of the 2018 model is similar to the traditional and customary design of Jeeps. It is built with all customary need adjuncts.

The model comes with the earlier interior design of three-row seats. The third row of seats is higher than the second, and the second, higher than the first.

This model has a higher roof, making it more spacious than the previous models, which roof lines are 3.5 inches lower. This vehicle can seat seven passengers.

The 2018 Jeep Commander kept the interior’s conventional two-tone color scheme. Unlike the prior models which have the old logo, the new Jeep logo is placed on the steering wheel.

Advanced hardware features include a satellite radio. It has 2 sky-facing windows, assistance driver seat and AC and CD Stereo. It also has a fully automatic door and windows. The secondary lounge includes DVD stimulation to keep the passengers entertained.

2018 Jeep Commander interior

2018 Jeep Commander – Engine and Performance

The 2018 Jeep Commander’s engine is featured with the standard V8 system. It has 210 hp at 5200 rpm.

It can create 235 pound-feet for torque. There is an option to bring the model to a higher end as a 5.7-liter V8 model for sports trim. The 2018 model weighs about 4800 pounds.

The 2018 model will have the capacity to create more power for it has a 5-speed transmission with an automatic overdrive. In layman’s terms, it means that at least one of the gear ratios in the transmission has less than a 1:1 relationship.

This gives you access to get better gas mileage than a non-overdrive gear. It is very fuel efficient as opposed to the regular non-overdrive gear vehicles. Overall, the car’s interior design depicts elegance and sophistication.

2018 Jeep Commander rear

2018 Jeep Commander – Release Date and Price

The 2018 Jeep Commander will be released in the last quarter of 2017.

The Jeep is best driven at a relaxed pace but can also be very fast because it is 112 mph: 9.3 seconds. The 2018 Jeep Commander’s price is expected to range from $40,000-50,000.

Overall, Jeep Commander 2018 is a very nice looking jeep that perfectly combines the elegance of an SUV and the classic Jeep we have come to be acquainted with.


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